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MyBaseballSim.Com is one of the original online baseball simulation games- having simulated games since 1999. We let baseball fans be the general manager and manager of a baseball team. MyBaseballSim.Com differs from fantasy leagues in that all players are fictional. The baseball simulation creates the outcomes based on these fictional player ratings. This allows for year round simulation play. You will be in charge of all aspects of your team. From scouting and drafting players to deciding lineups against lefthanded pitching.
How do I sign up?
Becoming a member of MyBaseballSim.Com is easy. All you need is a valid email address. It only costs $5 CAD to buy a team. Then it's yours until you decide to resign! please signup or browse the site as a guest.
When does it start?
MyBaseballSim.Com online simulation baseball has been live and active since 1999. Many of our leagues have gone through over 15 years of simulated game play. We have plenty of openings and if not, we can create new leagues very easily.
I don't like giving out my email address!!!
MyBaseballSim understands people's hesitation of giving out their email addresses. If you have any questions, review our Privacy Policy. But long story short, we will never sell or give out your email address. It's used as a tool to keep in touch with owners - email trade offers, player injuries, information about the status of the game, etc. We do have advertising partners and affiliate relationships - none of which require your email address though. This policy is very important to us as we want to ensure MyBaseballSim.Com users have a pleasant experience.
Thanks to all the those who participate in MyBaseballSim.Com. With your input and feedback, we hope to continue to make this what we think is the best simulation baseball game on the web.

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